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Escape Support Group 100 Club

Escape Support Group 100 Club

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Exciting news we entering our second year of our 100 Club in January.

We are hoping to sell 100 tickets at £1 a month/per ticket. That's just £12 for the year! Paying online incurs a 30p fee. Once we have received payment we will issue you with a number between 1 – 100. You are not limited on how many number you can purchase so you can have as many as you like, maybe give a number for a Christmas or Birthday Present (We can laminate a number with the Escape logo for you).

The draw will take place every 2nd Wednesday of the month. If we have 100 people then there will be 2 winners every month of £20 and we will do a Christmas Bonus in the December draw of £100. If we have more than 100 members the prize fund will go up equally if we do not get to 100 people the prize fund will go down.