Who can join?

 The only criteria is having a child aged up to 17, within your direct family unit, who has a disability or individual needs.

Currently our child members ages varies from 0-35, with a wide range of needs varying from severe learning or physical disabilities, sensory loss, autism and ADHD, to a child with a minor speech delay. If what we offer is suitable for you and your family, you are very welcome to join us. We mainly provide support for people in the Somerset area.


Children can suffer disadvantage, isolation and sometimes prejudice. This impacts on the whole family and we recognise that siblings also have to overcome difficulties, misunderstanding and sometimes exclusion because of the individual needs of a family member. This is why everything that we do is open to the whole family. We understand that accessing activities can be extremely difficult on your own. With support and encouragement Escape families have not only achieved success undertaking varied activities that other families take for granted, but have also gone on to using mainstream public activities independently.

Please remember, that although ESCAPE provides support for families we cannot take responsibility for other people’s children and they are expected to be adequately supervised at all times when participating in Escape activities.

How Do I Join?

Simply complete a membership form along with a £31 annual fee, online. Once a member, your family is added to our mailing list, you then receive all of our information as it becomes available.

Apply online or Give us a call 01823 442160 and we will mail a membership form. (The return address is printed on the form)

Our aim is to ensure all children who require support are able to access our provision. We understand that family’s financial circumstances vary, and so we offer the opportunity to pay the membership fee in affordable monthly payments, ensuring accessibility to all for everything Escape has to offer.