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Our Current Supporters

The Edward Gostling Foundation kindly awarded us a grant for £2500 to go towards a Carers Weekend.

The Edward Gostling Foundation

We have been very lucky and received a grant for over £1028 towards our Somerset Boat Centre Trip

Sedgemoor district council

We have received a grant from Somerset Community Foundation for £9000 to support summer trips for the next 3 years

Somerset Community foundation

We received a grant for £1000 towards the Bear Trail Trip last year

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National Lottery awarded us £9,991 for core cost.

Community fund

Community Inclusion and Activity Team awarded us £6099.49 towards Easter, Summer and Christmas Trips.


We have been awarded £4000 from Sport England's Queen's Platinum Jubilee Activity Fund towards bowling for sibling young carers.


Somerset Activity & Sports Partnership kindly granted £1535 towards our exclusive hire of Taunton Pool to enable us to provide fortnightly family swim sessions. 


We were awarded £1000 to fund our new sibling/young carer bowling group-Strike Out Club!

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Douglas Arter Foundation provided a non-specific grant of £500.

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Somerset West & Taunton awarded £1000 towards day trips.


Newsquest supported us in securing £895.61 as a non-specific fund for Escape.


Tesco's donated £600 as a result of customers selecting Escape when casting their blue token customer vote in Tesco stores in Taunton .

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We were awarded £3898 to fund our new sibling/young carer bowling group-Strike Out Club!

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We have received a donation of £10,000 from an anonymous donor towards the annual special.

Donations Received 22/23

Andrew Harvey

Brownless Charitable Trust

Bruce Wake Charitable Trust 

Pam Nunn funeral donations

Western Power



North Curry Coffee Shop

Ophelia Lindley 

Prince Zaiger 

Sweet Coppin

The Boat & Anchor Inn 

The Co Op donation

Trull Church 

Woodland Charitable Trust

Christmas Ball Profit

100 Club net profit

Bev & Rebecca's Fundraising

Marguerite Hayes

Somerset Lottery





















Fundraising & member donations




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